What is the goal?

Almost everyone gets fascinated with guitar and want to learn or play at least one song for there loved once, and then our hunt begins towards the best Beginners guitars,

Here, Blue Jam Guitars will help you choose your first Best sounding Guitar In India by providing accurate information regarding budget-friendly guitars without any distractions.

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What things you should consider ? (Summary)

Have A Clear Goal – 

  • You should have a clear goal for what you are buying a guitar?
  • You should ask questions to your self like do I want a guitar for recording? 
  • Do I want to learn guitar as a hobby?
  • Do I want for my kids?

Check Your Requirements 

  • The professional-sounding guitar is your requirement?
  • The not too good sounding guitar will be sufficient for you to start your guitar learning?
  • If you are gifting to your kid, then consider the comfortable size of the guitar
  • Color of the guitar matters to you?

Fix your Budget

  • There are plenty of guitar brands starting from 5k to 100k
  • You have to decide how much you are willing to spend on a guitar 
  • With different price range, each guitar will have something special in it

Which Brand to choose?

  • It’s my opinion that you should go for brands which are in this field for more than ten years
  • Don’t choose too cheap guitars if you want to play for a long duration

Which Guitar wood Is Best?

  •  Spruce, Mahogany, and Rosewood are the most commonly used wood in guitar, and my favorite combination is Rosewood and Mahogany because they together give you durable and good sounding guitar.

Hopefully, this summary will give you some guidance before you buy any guitar. Check 10 best guitar for beginners in India, which will give you a more brief idea about your first good sounding guitar.